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Do you dread cleaning your apartment because you don’t have all day? With a few basic tips, you can not only save time but also create a cleaner-than-before living space. Whether you have unexpected guests coming, a party just ended, or you just need to clean after your daily living has left a few stains, read on for a few tips to clean each room:

Living Room- First, focus on the couch as this is a main focal point of the room. Brush off any pet hair, food crumbs and dust. Also, vacuum or mop the floor. Next, dust the coffee table, toss old magazine and other trash, and then neatly stack the items on the table.

Bedroom- Place all trash, including old magazines, papers, etc. in a trashcan. Next, make the bed. The room will just look cleaner with this simple step. Straighten surfaces, including your nightstand, desk and shelves.

Bathroom- Wipe down the counters, sink, and tub using a disinfectant cleaning spray. For the toilet, use a toilet brush and cleaner and scrub the inside. Use the cleaning spray for the outside of the toilet. Next, use a glass cleaner to wipe down the mirror. Return items to where they belong.

Kitchen- First make sure all dishes are clean and put away, as this will make a huge difference as to how clean the room looks. Wipe down all surfaces and mop the floor, as well.

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