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One of the world’s largest aerospace museums is right here in Tucson, Arizona- the Pima Air & Space Museum. The concept for the Pima Air & Space Museum began in 1966 during the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the creation of the United States Air Force. During the celebration, base officials began to set aside examples of the many types of aircraft and place them along the base’s fence line so that the public could see them through the fence. The display quickly became very popular with the local community, but viewing the aircraft through the fence was somewhat unsatisfying. That’s when the idea for a large museum, open to the public, came about.

Exciting and Unique Relics

The collection of planes and other Air Force memorabilia has grown over the years to what it is today. Currently, the Pima Air & Space Museum has fascinating exhibits featuring space crafts, WWII planes from both America and Japan recovered from battlefields, hot air balloons, and more. A complete list of aircraft at the museum can be found here on their website. It is so much fun, you won’t realize how much you’re learning!

There are many more activities to enjoy in Tucson

There’s many more fun activities in Tucson beyond the Pima Air & Space Museum, including hiking and horseback riding. That will add up quickly! Call or email Tucson Apartments today and we can help you find a dwelling to enjoy your time in Arizona, comfortably and economically. Contact us today and you’ll hear back from us within 24 hours. With us, you can enjoy your time in Tucson, without being squished into a hotel room.

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